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Full mouth implants at Forest House Dental in Leicester

Replace your missing teeth with natural looking implants.

We are able to transform people’s lives from having no teeth, or a set of failing loose teeth, to a fixed set of replacement teeth on implants. Could anything be more life-changing or offer greater value for money?

We have invested in state of the art implant protocols that allow for a rapid and complete treatment with only very limited discomfort reported in the large number of cases we have treated. Our case success rate currently stands at 100%.

We have made it possible in many cases to remove the failing teeth, place the implants, and then build a fixed bridge to screw securely into the implants. This can be carried out under local anaesthetic or IV sedation for very nervous patients. Patients frequently report being surprised at the lack of any discomfort or even swelling. Those cases that do have some swelling or discomfort are easily controlled with standard pain relief.

Example of our Full Mouth Implant work

Before Full Mouth Implants in Leicester P. Mitchell before implants
After Full Mouth Implants in Leicester P. Mitchell after implants

Full Mouth Implant Testimonial by P. Mitchell

One of the most important parts of this treatment occurs in the planning stages, when you will be taken through all aspects of your treatment. You will have a full assessment (covering both dental and medical aspects), 3D imaging, model planning, and detailed design, prior to any treatment being started. You can be assured of our thorough and exemplary service throughout. You will find a variety of treatment options available on the internet for this, but take care and examine each very carefully – the adage ‘if it sounds too cheap, it probably is’ comes into play here. There are just so many aspects of this complex form of implant dentistry to consider, from the training of the surgeons and restorative team, to the quality of the lab work and technicians involved, and the time allowed to complete the treatment. Most importantly there are few implant systems that have the detailed and extensive research showing that they will last the test of time and chewing. It is always possible to use copy implants and cheaper components, but this is something we will never allow at our clinic.

Our treatment ensures you will be cared for long-term, with on going follow-up appointments at the centre, ensuring a happy life away from the nightmares of dentures and painful failing teeth.

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