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Giving you straight teeth quickly.

If you're looking for affordable and effective Quick Straight Teeth treatment in Leicester, then our highly experienced and 5* rated team can help.

Quick Straight Teeth uses nearly-invisible braces to gently straighten your teeth, and give you that smile you’ve always dreamed of.

This is now one of our most popular short term orthodontics solutions as part of UK adults desire to feel more comfortable and confident with their smiles.

The British Orthodontic Society provides the following statistics:

- 45% of adults are not happy with the teeth appearance

- 20% of adults would consider orthodontic treatment to help straighten and improve the look of their teeth

- less than 8% of adults actually book a treatment

If your confidence is affected by your teeth and smile and you do not want to wear metal braces for years then there are now many non-invasive and cost effective alternatives - our recommended solution is the Quick Straight Teeth system.

There is no compromise on aesthetics or results. The braces look great, feel comfortable and work quickly to give you a beautiful new smile.

What is the Quick Straight Teeth system?

Quick Straight Teeth™ is designed to treat maligned teeth, mild crowding and rotation. Quick Straight Teeth uses either tooth coloured brackets and wires, or clear aligners, to ensure that once placed in the mouth, they are almost invisible. Most people will be unable to tell you are wearing braces at all.

Quick Straight Teeth gives you fast results because we do not address major orthodontic issues. Instead, the system works to gently level and align your front teeth only, giving you straight teeth quickly!

What are the benefits of Quick Street Teeth vs Tradional Orthodontics?

  • The treatment costs are generally lower
  • The braces are clear / tooth coloured so are virtually impossible to see
  • You will see noticeable results far quicker

How do I find out more or request a Quick Straight Teeth consultation?

Our friendly and helpful staff will be happy to assist you, so please call 0116 289 8888 or fill in our enquiry form.

Examples of Quick Straight Teeth work

Quick Straight Teeth Before
Quick Straight Teeth After
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