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Having spent the last few years thinking about having dental implants, I finally took the decision and went for it.

I like many thought about the cost, but now having come through the other side I have to say its money well spent. Our smile is a great asset and I’m so glad to have mine back. From start to finish the whole team at Forest House have been brilliant.

A special thanks to Jay, Sarj and Zoe.

I would certainly recommend anyone to see these guys.

Thanks Again M.M
I decided to book a consultation with Dr Patel as I thought my teeth were crooked, damaged and discoloured and wanted to improve the appearance. After my consultation we decided that Implants and Veneers would help me achieve the smile I wanted.

I had extractions upper and lower ready for my implants. Once the implants were fitted I then had a bridge fitted over the implants and also veneers on my upper front teeth. It was worth all the time and effort for the smile I now have. I feel my smile is much better and all the staff were fantastic throughout and addressed all of my concerns throughout my treatment journey.

I would recommend anyone if they are thinking about improving their smile to do so, it is so important for mental attitude.

Before Dental Implants in Leicester Before Dental Implants
After Dental Implants in Leicester After Dental Implants
Christine Gay
"I'm a Patient Care Coordinator here at Forest House Dental and I have worked here for over 3 years now.

I remember going to a dentist before I worked here and he mentioned that I would benefit from having whitening done. It wasn’t anything I had ever really thought about before but I started to realise that I did avoid wearing certain colour lipsticks such as red as my teeth didn't look the best. I also never used to show my teeth when I smiled.

I had an important wedding coming up being maid of honour for my friend Sam. I saw the great results patients here had had so I decided to go ahead and have it done. The process was really easy. Dr Patel went through some questions with me to make sure I was suitable for the procedure, the next step was to have moulds of my teeth taken which was quick and easy.

It was 2 weeks later I started my Boutique whitening. I decided to do it at night as I would find that easier. Within a week I could notice a difference, my teeth were already looking noticeably whiter. I did the whitening for a total of 4 weeks only missing a couple of days.

I cannot explain how happy I am with the result I can’t stop smiling and now I can wear whatever shade of lipstick I want. If you’re thinking of having it done I would definitely recommend."

Before Boutique Whitening in Leicester Before Boutique Whitening
After Boutique Whitening in Leicester After Boutique Whitening
Sam Hayes
"I was losing fillings on a regular basis and was informed it was due to missing teeth on the left side of my mouth putting pressure on the teeth on the right. I had a consultation and detailed discussion with the staff from the practice which was supported by a detailed written document outlining what was required to be done and the individual costs of each procedure. I found everything to be completed in the timescale I had been given and the staff to be exemplary and friendly every time I visited the practice.

I am very satisfied by the outcome of treatment I have received and look forward to the four implants serving me well going into the future." Stuart Prior
"My son of 7 years woke up in pain with his teeth that we knew needed to come out but he was getting over an infection, I contacted the surgery first thing, they got us in the same day, the dentist and assistants were lovely and welcoming, they made us both feel comfortable throughout, after the procedure, my son felt unwell, they laid him back down and gave him a glucose tablet to bring his sugars back up,aftwr this they advised we didn’t leave and waited in the waiting area? My son was still feeling unwel so they put us in a private room, all the time a nurse was with us making sure my son was okay, we didn’t leave until the dentist was satisfied my son was okay to leave. Aftercare was explained perfectly, and I even received a voicemail the next day to check my son was okay.couldnt be happier with the service we received, from the reception, nurses, dentist. Highly recommended" C. W
"I had implants and a bridge fitted last year. I found the whole experience extremely smooth and painless. I am not generally phased at all by dentistry, and actively take an interest in what is happening, and ask questions along the way which are well received. I am extremely happy with the implants and bridge, they are everything I hoped they'd be. I will be having more work done this year. Well done and thanks to all at Forest House Dental Practice!" B. Y
"I have been a patient at this dental surgery for over 45 years and my family now travel over 2 hours for dental consultations and treatments to remain patient’s. We have seen the transformation of the surgery building from the 1970s and have welcomed new dentists and nurses and receptionists. My children (now adults) have received professional advice with Invisalign treatments, teeth whitening, air clean & polishing all of which I can recommend at this practice. We wish to thank all the staff who go above and beyond to please and accommodate our dental appointments even in an emergency over Christmas time. Thank you to all at Forest House Dental Practice it is much appreciated" D. B
"Before my treatment I could not smile and my confidence was so low.

After my treatment from the fantastic dentist Dr Ahmed my confidence has improved so much. I now smile with so much confidence. Dr Ahmed made me feel so comfortable and made me feel at ease. I can’t thank him enough for the work he has carried out. I would recommend Forest House to anyone thinking of having any dental treatment.

A big thank you to Dr Ahmed and Forest House Dental Practice for changing the way I feel about my smile." C. P
"I finally decided at the beginning of the year to ask Mr Patel to discuss with me the possibility of giving my uneven two front teeth a more appealing appearance. How pleased I am that I did ask. Mr Patel explained to me that the best course of treatment in my case would be to have the two teeth crowned with porcelain crowns & just a small white filling at the top of the tooth adjacent to the two front ones.

I took the opportunity to have a course of teeth whitening prior to the preparation work on my teeth & returned for the fitting after the work in the laboratory had been carried out.

I would like to thank everyone at Forest House for the treatment & care I received. I now find myself talking & smiling with more confidence." J. Tuddenham
"Superb care & attention from Diresh & Zoe. From the first appointment all nerves were quickly gone as I was put at ease by their genuine friendliness; they make a great team! I'm super impressed with the outcome of my treatment too.

It makes going to the dentist an entirely different experience when you have people like these taking care of you! Thank you." E. Walmsley
"I have recently had to have a dental extraction and the surgery arranged for the dental surgeon to do the procedure. I had a horrific experience with with a dentist before and was petrified. The lady on the reception was fantastic and promised me I would be extremely well looked after and she kept true to her word I was. The forest house dental team and Dr Patel were truly excellent. They put me at ease and we're kind and gentle. The offending molar was out in minutes. Forest house dental practice are a credit to the dental profession. I cannot thank them enough." R. Elliott
"I have been a patient with the Forest House Dental Practice for many years. It is now several weeks since I completed my most recent course of treatment with the Practice; and I wish to put on record my complete satisfaction at the care and attention to detail which I have experienced.

The Dental Team has always demonstrated concern and skill for my wellbeing, explaining the stages to be adopted for proposed treatments. When one of my front teeth became very painful with infection in the roots, Dr Sarj Patel advised an extraction, which he carried out painlessly, with great skill under local anaesthetic. I was made aware of the situation and alternative ways forward to restore my ‘smile’. I chose to have an implant inserted.

It was necessary that I had a bone graft to provide an improved location for the implant socket and the surgery was carried out very skilfully by my dentist. Whilst the socket healed I was provided with a temporary ‘tooth’ for cosmetic purposes which avoided drawing too much attention to my missing front tooth. The final stage in the reconstruction was carried out by Dr Sarj Patel inserting the implanted tooth which had been carefully colour-matched to my other teeth. I am very pleased with the results which have been achieved by the highly skilled team at the Forest House Dental Practice and my confidence to smile again is restored." W. Gill

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