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About Us

Welcome to Forest House Dental


Forest House Dental Practice was established in 1970. Dr Sarjoo Patel took over in 1990 and has continued supporting the local community with their oral hygiene and dental health.

Patient care is our priority. We invest in the best quality materials, the latest equipment, and provide regular staff training

Below are our values that we believe makes Forest House what it is today.

Our Values

Patient driven
Forest House strives on being a patient friendly practice; it continues to work hard to ensure that you get the best dental care that you deserve. Being a part of the Forest House family, we understand that your working lives mean it is not always possible for you to meet us during working hours.Therefore we make it simple for you to contact us; either by phone, email or via the online portal.
Family Orientated

Being at the heart of a family orientated area, our caring nurses and dedicated dentists ensure patients receive a high quality treatment at all times.


Forest House remains professional at all times; ensuring that we can look after your oral health and address any of your concerns in the right manner.

Our growth as a practice over the last couple of years has been due to the commitment from our staff to all of our patients. We remain committed and hope to build long term relationships with our valued patients, focusing in giving you the service that you deserve.

Our Statistics

6 Months Smile Success


Benefits of Six Months Smile

Treatment time is much shorter than other equivalent techniques, sometimes by up to 75%.

The wires are small and tooth coloured they are not as visible as train track braces.

If you want a ‘last minute’ perfect smile for an upcoming event in six or so months’ time you can use Six Month Smiles to achieve this.