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Forest House delivers high quality care that is clinically effective, safe and delivers a positive experience for all of its patients.
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Our dedicated team are always happy to help and advise you during your visit at Forest House. Our team of professionals ensure that they provide the necessary treatment for your oral health.
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We have a cutting edge team of dental professionals who will ensure that you are provided with the ultimate level of customised service and excellent care.
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Practice Plan Plan helps you and your family budget for dental care, allowing you to smile with confidence as we take care of your dental health.

Our Monthly Top Tip

Michael Fenny

In order to help remove plaque and reduce the risk of tooth decay you should always brush your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes each time. It’s also important to ensure you use the right technique for the tooth brush that you are using.

If you use a manual tooth brush the most effective technique is to angle the brush slightly onto the gums and use a small circular motion to ensure the teeth and gums are all cleaned. Try to avoid a back-and-forth “scrubbing” action as this is likely to cause gum recession.

If you use a sonic tooth brush the technique is like a manual toothbrush but the brush will do some of the work for you due to its vibrations.

For those using an oscillating electric toothbrush (e.g. oral b) the brush will do most of the work for you. In order to achieve the most effective clean, you still want to angle the brush slightly onto the gums, however, you do not need to “brush”. Ideally you should hold the brush gently against each tooth individually and slowly walk around the mouth spending 2-3 seconds on each tooth surface.

Don’t forget to brush the biting surfaces as well as the front and back of each tooth!

Michael Fenny

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